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About Us

At U.S. Connection, we locate and buy wholesale vehicles for U.S. and foreign dealers at the best prices possible. We have been in business more than 25 years and have solid connections in the industry.  Based in southern California, we have access to millions of the highest quality vehicles and adhere to strict consumer protection guidelines.  We are proud of the reputation we have earned as experts in our field and offer full transparency to our clients.  It’s why we do so much repeat business and receive many referrals from dealers.


Why Companies Choose Us

Companies continue to do business with us because we deliver great value and clean, ready-to-sell cars. Many of them even refer their competitors to us. Companies also choose us because we deliver the cars fast, can fulfill large orders, and can procure new cars. No matter the type of vehicle or how many, we can locate and offer them at great prices for our clients.

We serve dealers in the US and worldwide. We buy all of our cars by special, "custom" order only, and we can arrange to have them shipped to any location. 

Experience the Car-Buying Process Firsthand

If you would like to see the car-buying process for yourself, we encourage you to join us on one of our trips. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to an auction so you can see how well we negotiate and handle the bidding process. You'll get a chance to see the high-quality cars we purchase and the excellent condition they are in. After you see how thorough and particular we are, we think you'll be impressed and satisfied that we are handling your car-buying needs.

Contact us to learn more about attending a car auction with us.